My Worlds Collide! Diplomacy and Education — MOOCs Connect Students to U.S. Style Education

This past week was a super exciting one for me! The MOOC project that I had been working on for the past two months in the Embassy in La Paz with a local university got some great press through FAST COMPANY and The New York Times! The State Department even featured a video of it on their official Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs page.

I don’t think that MOOCs are going to solve all of the problems in educational inequality all over the world, but for motivated, bright, engaged students like the ones I work with in Bolivia, they are another resource where they can find high quality education at their finger tips — it’s all free and all they need is an internet connection! I plan on continuing the pilot program here, and I hope that many of these students will be inspired in the future to apply to American universities for post grad studies!