UChicago: Kind, Funny and Direct with Decisions

University of Chicago released their Class of 2019 decisions March 13 with a handy guide on what to do next. I like their advice on not booking a ticket to Chicago to appeal your case IN PERSON if you landed on their wait list. We had some parents that would fly in and try to change decisions when I worked in an admission office…don’t try it! I’m also impressed that they are so open with their regional admissions officers and allowing students to contact them directly. That’s great customer service! I think the way they explain why they can’t give reasons about decisions is kind and humane.


Waitlist: We are not offering you a place in the Class of 2019 at this time, but we will let you know by early summer if we are able to offer you a spot off the waitlist. UChicago’s waitlist is not ranked. If UChicago remains your top choice, here’s some advice on what to do next.


– Accept your spot on the waitlist by logging into your UChicago Account. If you’re still interested in attending UChicago, this is the way to let us know.

– Accept a place at another school by May 1 to make sure you have a college home for next year. If we are able to offer you a spot in the class and you choose to accept it, please let that other school know that you will not be attending as soon as possible.

– Write a brief note to your regional admissions counselor explaining why UChicago remains your top choice.


– Book an overnight flight to Chicago. While we always enjoy welcoming students to campus, we do not make decisions based on whether or not a student has visited. Besides, there’s nothing we can tell you in person that we couldn’t tell you over the phone or email.

– Submit all-new application materials. The application you sent us originally is complete, and we have determined that it is a strong one. We have all the information we need from you and, as time goes on, we’ll know more about whether there is space left in the class to take students from the waitlist.

– Panic. An admissions decision is not an evaluation of you as a person. Decisions are made over a long period of time by several people, involve discussion by an admissions committee, and take into account the entire applicant pool. Therefore, please keep in mind that we cannot give reasons for decisions over the phone or via email, as it really is impossible to condense the conversations behind our decisions in a way that would be adequate or helpful to the applicant.

Deny: This is your final decision. There is no process for appealing admissions decisions.


About "Asian American Admission Officer"
I'm a education professional with many years of highly selective admissions experience at a small East Coast liberal arts Ivy as well as a med-sized research institution. After reading many personal statements from Asian American high school students with the phrase "I'm not just another Asian American...(fill in the blank with stereotype)," I decided to write about Asian Americans in higher education. My goals are to 1) educate readers about issues related to Asian Americans in higher education, 2) offer college admission advice to high school students and parents, and 3) serve as a resource for students with questions about applications, college life, and related issues.

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