22 of The Most Creative College Essays from 2013

Happy (Belated) New Year! Hope 2014 is off to a great start for all of you! If you’re a high school senior, this is the “waiting period” where you bite your nails and hope that all of the essays and applications that you worked on are going to pay off in the admissions committees!

I have some really exciting updates for our readers over the next coming days —  but today I’ll keep it short with a fun Buzz Feed List on the 22 Most Creative College Essays from 2013! Kudos to Tufts for their many creative questions — they used to let you submit a youtube video too…I wonder if they are still doing that?

I was excited to see #5 from Stanford University — What Matters to You And Why? What a great question — Stanford didn’t use that when I was working there, but it was on their Graduate School of Business application! I think it gets to the heart of what students value most!




About "Asian American Admission Officer"
I'm a education professional with many years of highly selective admissions experience at a small East Coast liberal arts Ivy as well as a med-sized research institution. After reading many personal statements from Asian American high school students with the phrase "I'm not just another Asian American...(fill in the blank with stereotype)," I decided to write about Asian Americans in higher education. My goals are to 1) educate readers about issues related to Asian Americans in higher education, 2) offer college admission advice to high school students and parents, and 3) serve as a resource for students with questions about applications, college life, and related issues.

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